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The animal came first

It all began because of our love for animals. Exactly 25 years ago in 1991 Piotr Matuszewski-  an animal lover decided to combine work with passion and created a brand Vitapol.

Initially Vitapolu offered only baselines for several animal species. All, however, were created with the highest quality ingredients, which allowed us to gain loyal fans.

A special time for Vitapolu was 2007 when three new lines were released: Vita Line, Color and Aroma Premium. Each  passing year brought  new products and new lines. In 2010 we introduced , among others, Weekend Style Magic line. Year  2012  brought Sensitive, and  2013 – the Economic line. All feeds, of course,

evolved together with increasing requirements of both  the animals and their owners. Each of these lines contains something distinctive, so that every pet will find something  for themselves.

Due to our little friends  needs of we have extended the offer of  complementary  feeds  in the form of dried vegetables and fruits (Vita Herbal, Vitaline), drops  (Royal Menu), mineral blocks and original delicacies in the form of cones and vitburgers.

The product, which gained the biggest group of fans around the world a Stick called Smakers. We currently have  111 flavors of Smakers and  we emphasize that this is not the end!

Our specialists are still working on new, more perfect products, good for both the animals and the pockets of their owners.

The last 25 years of our hard work, can be called a success in the market . We grew from a  small producer to a  company   employing 250 people. Our products are recognized and sold in over 60 countries worldwide. We try to be present everywhere where our little friends are.



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