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What make us so special

We are a Company with several decades of experience. We crate our products for animals but primarily from love to animals. Our team consists of experts, enthusiasts and pets fancier. Each and every single product  is produced as a result of meaningful research and consultation. We also listen carefully to the needs of our customers. We are open to all suggestions and reviews.  We have developed abilities to still improve high-quality products we offer.

What make us so special: 

  • High quality ingredients: All of our food is based on a large variety  of high-quality ingredients, . Some foods include up to 45 different components! And all this is done just to ensure that the animals get a diverse source of all essential nutrients for proper growth, development and reproduction.
  • A wide range of our products: We make sure that our products will please even the most demanding animals. Each and every product line stands out in some way. As a result, we are able to meet the needs and expectations of the most delicate animal connoisseurs . It is worth pointing out  that the entire Vitapol brand  contains more than 500 products.
  • Technological solutions: The secret of the success of our products lies in the unique production process. All of our  “Smakers” are handmade. They are formed on a stick made from hardwood. Each “Smakers” has 3 layers, secured with a special binding agent that prevents grains falling off  during consumption. What makes our Smakers unique compared to other treat sticks is the production process. Our unique drying process takes place at temperatures not exceeding 65°C which allows them, to retain the  proper balance of  vitamins and minerals that the baked sticks lack. In addition, our products are packed in a controlled atmosphere which prolongs the shelf life to 2 years.
  • A wide range of weights: We make sure that the final customers can choose the right amount of food to meet the needs of their pupils. That is why our food is available in various types of packaging including :cardboard, foil and buckets.
  • Transparent and user-friendly packaging: Besides caring about the quality of our products we also care about the quality of our packaging. The products are being  packed in high-quality cardboard boxes  and foil that do not  deform during transport. Furthermore, all of our packaging’s  have windows through which customers can see the content.

Patents: What makes our products outstanding is innovation.  Among others , especially both patented shark hanger and seeds catcher are worth mentioning




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