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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 13:07


We would like to present you EXPERT, the complete feeds line mostly composed of ingredients subjected to extrusion process which makes them even more valuable and digestible by animal’s digestive system.

The line is varied with fruits, vegetables and delicacies to provide diverse diet rich in falvour and natural vitamins which supports proper functionality of the organism.

The recipe composition is balance and matched for each species of domestic animals thus supports healthy and vital life.

We made sure that the EXPERT line has high proportion of raw fiber in herbivores feeds and appropriate values of individual nutrients.

Feed line is enriched with grain and seeds to ensure adequate amount of protein in the diet of omnivorous  rodents. Yucca extract reduces odor and presence of herbs improves digestion.

A variety of top quality ingredients makes this feeds is an expert in animal nutrition!




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