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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 11:13

How to take care of animals in summer?

Summer is the most loved part of the year by all.  Having fun outdoor, hiking, sleeping under the sky... However, there are those who do not necessarily like the heat and sun. It is our animals.


High temperatures and the heat are not healthy for them. Our responsibility as owners is to ensure, they have the best conditions at this difficult time.

Grooming and trimming

During the summer, it is very important to regularly groom both, animals with long and short hair. It removes undercoat, dead hair, dirt, and dust, which, at high temperatures can lead to states of remote follicles. But remember to do it gently and quietly. Otherwise, we risk our pet to unnecessary stress and pain.


Maybe you think it is strange, but the races that do not have hair (or only have fuzz) are vulnerable to sunburn.

Travelling by car

Try to make a travel as comfortable as possible. Try not to close animals in the trunk (air circulation is very limited there) and seat them in the back seat. For the safety, purchase an appropriate dog seatbelts and protective mat for the seating.

Carriers for smaller animals should also be protected, but above all should have a good air circulation.


The most important thing is access to fresh water. Preferably, during the summer the water should be changed several times a day. We can also purchase an automatic dispenser, so that the water is regularly aerated and filtered.


As far as possible, organize cool place for resting for you animal. If your apartment does not have air conditioning, there are many other options:

  • Cooling Bed  
  • Cooling mat 
  • tiles or frozen water bottles (put a bottle of water or tile in the freezer for about 15 minutes, then wrap it in a towel and put under pet bed)
  • ice cream (freeze water with fruit, eg. with watermelon and give it to your pet)


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