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Thursday, 04 August 2016 08:07

Diet for cockatiel

Cockatiel’s diet is not complicated.

These birds are typical grains lovers. They like millet, canary seed, oats and sunflower.

If you want to be sure that, you provide the right ingredients in the right proportions for bird, you should reach for complete food. These products can be easily purchased in all pet stores. Then you do not have to add any supplements or vitamins to diet.

Cockatiels also love fruits and vegetables (apple, pear, sweet potato) and greens (spinach, beetroot). In their daily diet, you cannot miss the lime. These birds should eat about 75 ml food daily. Of course, you should not stick to these proportions, because the birds may have different rates of eating.

Remember that except snacks listed above they can eat almost anything. But you cannot give them products with a high content of salt or sugar. Avoid therefore products such as rhubarb, chocolate, avocado and watermelon.


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