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Tuesday, 13 September 2016 07:06

TRIXIE COME TOGETHER 2016 - fotostory

On 08th and 09th September the company Hobby was the host of "Come Together" - international congress of TRIXIE partners and distributors.

The combined teams of the German company and Polish host tried to ensure that this event has become an exciting mix of business meeting and exciting leisure time.

During the meeting, the guests got familiar with new products presented by TRIXIE and have the opportunity to talk both within the brand Trixie and flagship brands own by Hobby: Vitapol, Lolo Pets and Lolo Pets Classic.

Next point of the meeting was the presentation of Hobby company with outdoor agility show carried out by a friendly club in Bydgoszcz. Other activities were focused on showing our regional strengths. They were: river cruises, historic train rides, visits to interesting places and monuments and in the end - the rich feasts full of local delicacies.

This year's "Come Together" has strengthened existing relationships between the Hobby company and its partners. It also brought a breath of freshness and surprised with business creativity, and has become another step to promote our region and Polish entrepreneurship.



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