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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 10:40

The newest promo

Here it is! The newest promo movie. We haven't reached Camerimage so far (famous international movie festival which is held in Bydgoszcz), but we're getting closer!
We are proudly to present. Enjoy!

For 2017 exhibition, the fifth pavilion created to respond to demand, above all from abroad. The total area of the event was 50,000 square metres, hosting around 735 exhibitors. There was also a significant increase in the number of countries represented, which now stands at 43!

During this year edition we presented our newest product – Excellent, 100% extruded food for small animals and Expert (including finest quality Smakers treats) under Vitapol brand. As well as Extrimo line under Lolo Pets brand and seafood shaped biscuits for dogs under Lolo Pets Classic.  
We would like to warmly thank all our customers and guests for visiting our stand.




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86-061 Brzoza k/Bydgoszczy



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