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You are here:   PRODUCTS / Birds / Budgie / Accessories / News / Vitapol supports foundations that help animals
Friday, 06 July 2018 09:30

Vitapol supports foundations that help animals

As a producer of animal feed and accessories, we try follow any events related to them.

We often hear stories of injured and neglected animals who need help. We try to support organizations that help homeless animals and people who decide to adopt some.

Below are a few photos from various actions supported by the Vitapol brand in recent times:

- Collection for the Pet The Man Foundation - a collection was organized in Łabiszyn for which we donated cat litter and cat food

- Layettes for the Small Inventory Lovers Association - the association passes our slides full of Vitapol products to those who start their adventure with rabbits

- support for the collection of the Veterinary Cabinet "Nad Notecią" in Barcin - the team helps poor, abandoned animals - examine, heal, and then find a new home for them, giving them a new life.




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