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Tuesday, 26 May 2020 06:22

Excellent – your best choice

EXCELLENT is the only food line of its kind whose products are 100% extruded. Adapted to the physiology of nutrition of a given species, they comprehensively meet the needs of rodents, rabbits and parrots for nutritious nutrients.

The special treatment makes the food pieces easily digestible and extremely tasty, which prevents selective eating. Rich in raw fibers, necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system of herbivores, wholesome proteins, vegetables and fruits make EXCELLENT products provide balanced nutrition combined with health-promoting properties.
In addition, Excellent food can be divided into two target groups: food for omnivorous rodents and food for herbivores.

Foods for hamsters and gerbils as well as for rat and mice are of course food for omnivorous rodents. The basis of the daily diet of this group of rodents are all types of cereal grains and seeds. However, for the proper functioning and development of the body, their diet should also contain products of animal origin, which is provided by Excellent food (addition of poultry meat). In addition, it is varied with vegetables and fruits that provide vitamins and minerals, as well as oil seeds and salmon fat to ensure a beautiful, healthy and shiny coat. The addition of mannooligosaccharides (MOS) together with fructooligosaccharides (FOS) ensure the proper course of digestive processes in the digestive tract and stimulate the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora.

Much more demanding individuals in terms of nutrition are herbivores: rabbits, domestic coffee and chinchillas and degus.

Rabbits are typically herbivores, although not rodents but lagomorphs. Their digestive system is devoid of peristaltic movements that allow subsequent portions of food to move to the stomach. Therefore, rabbits eat almost all the time so that subsequent bites move the previous one. For this reason, the food we give them must be low in calories, and therefore high in fiber and low in protein. The high presence of fiber in the diet, which is difficult to digest, has resulted in an unusual diet that allows optimal use of available food. Eaten food is not completely digested, but only undergoes "pre-treatment" due to the presence of specialized strains of bacteria. Then it is excreted in the form of soft lumps, which are immediately eaten again by the rabbit. Only then are these blanks finally digested and assimilated by the body. The right amount of hay prevents the formation of hair balls, a dangerous phenomenon of blocking the gastrointestinal tract as a result of the accumulation of swallowed hair during cleaning the animal. Excellent rabbit food has been developed on the basis of low-calorie ingredients, mainly on timothy plants as well as vegetables and an admixture of fruit. The composition does not contain cereal seeds. To ensure proper, systematic abrasion of incisors, the food contains long fibers in the form of dried wheat plants, which enhance the rumination process.

Home coffee, on the other hand, is a herbivorous rodent whose feeding requires special attention. The body of home coffee, just like people, cannot produce vitamin C by itself, which is why this vitamin must be supplied along with the daily diet. The daily requirement for vitamin C is 1 mg for every 100 g of rodent body weight. It may increase if you are sick, weak or pregnant. Vegetables (red sweet peppers, parsley and broccoli) and fruits are an excellent natural source of this vitamin.

Excellent food is not only a high content of raw fiber (max. 22%) and no cereals, but also the presence of complementary ingredients, rich in vitamin C (red pepper, parsley), as well as the addition of this vitamin in the amount of 1000 mg / kg of food. The basis of each granule is timothy enriched with herbs for proper digestion.

Due to the climate from which chinchillas and degus are derived, and the associated poor vegetation of plants, these animals feed on modest food, but rich in raw fiber. Grasses, leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and bark are their natural food. Their digestive system gets from the food enough nutrients necessary for the proper functioning and development of the body. Due to the low sugar diet of these rodents, their organisms are not adapted to cope with a diet high in sugars. Excellent food for chinchillas and degus is a low-calorie food based on tasty timothy and with numerous herbs and long fibers.


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