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Tuesday, 16 June 2020 07:46

How to take care of your pets during the holidays?

The longed-for holidays are slowly approaching. You pack your bags, buy the last accessories you need, but ... what about our pet? Hamster, rabbit, home coffee are animals that need us every day. Bearing in mind the good of our rodent, we need to think about what will be more stress for him - travel or our absence?

For a rabbit, changing the environment will be very stressful, so it's better to leave him at home with someone you trust. Thanks to this, he will not be exposed to a disturbing and foreign environment. Of course, we must provide our rabbit with a good guardian. It can be a friend or neighbor. It is important that she visits our pet at least once a day. It should be remembered that summer is a period of increased need for irrigation. The bowl or drinker must always be topped up! What can help our pet to separate? Certainly his favorite toys and delicacies. In a familiar environment, a rabbit will bear our absence more easily, therefore separation should not negatively affect our pet.

What about the hamster and coffee? If you can and you have the opportunity, you can take the cage with you. This pet better withstands the change of environment. However, if you do not want to expose him to stress, also take care of the right guardian.



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