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Thursday, 25 June 2020 11:41

Magic Line - richness and variety of ingredients

The palette of various ingredients is what distinguishes Magic Line products - High Premium quality mixes. Easy to digest, yet nutritious, rich in natural fiber, vitamins and minerals, regulate the digestive system of rodents and rabbits. Properly balanced, they contain a large amount of dried vegetables and fruits, strengthening the immune system of animals. The predominance of extruded ingredients means that Magic Line foods are eaten whole, even by the most demanding rodents.

Magic Line is not only complete foods, but also Toppings Smakers. Snacks are recommended to enrich the daily diet of animals. The mass does not stick to rodent teeth, and the high calcium content strengthens the bones. In this line we will also find Smakers with bark of trees, supporting hygiene and maintaining the correct length of incisors in rodents and rabbits.



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