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Monday, 29 June 2020 09:27

How to take care of your guinea pig's health?

The guinea pig's body as one of the few cannot produce vitamin C itself, which is why it must be constantly taken by them with food or in the form of supplements. The daily requirement of an adult healthy pig for vitamin C is 5-15 mg per 1 kg of weight. Pregnant and sick pigs should take 30 mg of vitamin C per 1 kg of weight per day.

Scurvy is an acute deficiency of vitamin C in the guinea pig's body. It can result in numerous bone fractures and cracks as well as bleeding in the muscles and joints. It reduces the pet's immunity and increases the risk of infection. Untreated results in the death of a pet.

Pigs do not like sour taste, so they may be reluctant to eat sprinkled vegetables or fruits. Vitamin C in drops is best given by sprinkling it on a tasty delicacy, or using a syringe without a needle directly into the mouth. It is not recommended to add it to the water, because it will not be drunk immediately, and vitamin C evaporates very quickly.

In addition to giving vitamin C in the form of droplets or tablets, you can also include sweet peppers, strawberries, currants, spinach, Brussels sprouts, rosehips, kiwi, dill, gooseberry and tomatoes in your diet. Guinea pigs also love parsley, rich in vitamin C.



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