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Wednesday, 15 July 2020 09:33

Expert - specialist in feeding

Foods from the Expert line from the Vitapol brand are professional mixtures tailored to the nutritional needs of individual animal species. They include a variety of ingredients, from naturally dried vegetables, fruits and dried fruit to properly balanced components subjected to the extrusion process to obtain the highest degree of assimilation. The addition of vitamins and minerals strengthens the share of natural dried vegetables and fruits for their better availability. The Expert line is loose mixes and Smakers with a hybrid pendant that allows you to suspend Smakers vertically and horizontally!

Expert foods for omnivores, in addition to extruded ingredients with vitamins, are supplemented with numerous vegetables, fruits and a small addition of nuts for even better palatability while paying attention to fat levels. Cereal grains are also present in these mixtures, which are the basis for feeding this group of rodents to ensure proper digestion.

Expert for herbivores is primarily to pay attention to the appropriate level of crude fiber, whose content exceeds the share of protein. Each of the Expert feeds for rabbits, home coffees, chinchillas and degus is based on extrudates developed individually for each animal. These mixtures complement vegetables and fruits with low calories and appropriate properties.

Expert for rabbit and chinchilla is primarily timothy, vegetables and fruit but also ingredients that are made of long fibers. These fibers not only promote intestinal peristalsis, but also have a beneficial effect on enhancing chewing processes, which is associated with care for systematic abrasion of the incisors. In addition, like all foods in this line, numerous herbs are present that strengthen immunity and improve digestion, and make the food have a pleasant, aromatic smell and is extremely tasty.



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