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Thursday, 23 July 2020 07:52

Paddocks for small animals

In the summer, we are happy to take advantage of sunbathing and time spent in nature. It would seem that our pet will also be delighted with the idea of going outside, but for it to be a nice and safe experience for him, you must absolutely follow a few important rules.

Rabbits and home coffees are very sensitive to direct sunlight
and high temperatures, therefore, in order not to endanger the life of the pet, it is necessary to set up the pen in a shaded place. Not protecting yourself from the sun can have serious health consequences, including a stroke.

The enclosure for small pets should be firmly attached to the ground and secured from above. First of all, the top cover is designed to prevent the animal from escaping, but also to protect it from the attack of predatory birds and other dangers that await him.

It should be borne in mind that rabbits by nature perfectly dig holes and can dig themselves under the wall of the pen. It is therefore imperative to keep an eye on such an animal when it uses the enclosure.

It is also important to make sure that there are no dangerous objects and poisonous plants within the range of our ward. You should also pay attention to the gradual introduction of green fodder and the issue of getting your pet used to such food. Despite the fact that, thanks to the runs, we often provide access to fresh vegetation, it is also worth hanging a hay feeder so that each animal can use it without interruption. Hay is the basis of the diet of rabbits and domestic coffee beans and is necessary, among others. for proper digestive processes. You should also remember to provide your pet with access to fresh drinking water.



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